Bugaboo Dragonfly vs Butterfly: What’s the Difference?

Choosing the right pram for your little one is a significant decision. With numerous options available, it’s essential to understand the similarities and differences between models to make an informed choice.

Today, we’re comparing two popular prams from Bugaboo: the Dragonfly and the Butterfly.

Before diving into the details, we recommend you compare these two prams using the handy comparison table on the Bugaboo website.

Bugaboo Dragonfly: The Future City Pram

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The Bugaboo Dragonfly is designed with urban living in mind. It boasts an innovative one-hand fold, allowing parents to fold the pram in one piece with the seat or bassinet.

This feature is particularly useful when you’re multitasking or have your hands full. The Dragonfly also addresses the common city-dwelling issue of limited space with an XL underseat basket and an expandable rear pocket.

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Bugaboo Butterfly: First Class Comfort

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The Bugaboo Butterfly prioritises comfort and durability. It offers a large, reclinable seat and a smooth, stable ride, allowing your baby to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Butterfly is built to last, tested on drives up to 4,000 km, and can carry up to 30 kg while still offering excellent manoeuvrability.

Bugaboo Dragonfly vs Butterfly: Key Similarities

Both the Dragonfly and Butterfly are designed with comfort and manoeuvrability in mind. They offer reclinable seats and smooth rides, making them ideal for city living.

Both prams also feature innovative folding mechanisms, making them easy to transport and store.

In terms of weight capacity, both prams can carry a maximum weight of 22 kg on the seat, making them suitable for use from infancy up to approximately 4 years old. This means that either pram can grow with your child, providing a long-term solution for your pram needs.

Both prams are also designed with high-quality materials. The Dragonfly and Butterfly both feature 100% polyester fabrics, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

This is an important consideration for busy parents who need a pram that can withstand the rigours of daily use and still be easy to clean.

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Bugaboo Dragonfly vs Butterfly: Key Differences

The key differences between the Dragonfly and Butterfly lie in their specific features and intended uses.

Size and Weight

The Dragonfly weighs between 7.9 – 10.4 kg, depending on the configuration, and is designed to be used from birth to approximately 4 years old (max. 22 kg). The Butterfly, on the other hand, weighs 7.3 kg and is suitable for use from 6 months to approximately 4 years old (max 22 kg).

The Dragonfly’s dimensions when unfolded are 106 x 52 x 104 cm, while the Butterfly’s dimensions are 92.5 x 45 x 102.4 cm.

Storage and Space

The Dragonfly is designed for city-dwellers who need to maximise space. It features an XL underseat basket (10 kg capacity) and an expandable rear pocket, providing ample storage for supplies. This is particularly useful for parents who need to carry multiple items while on the go.

The Butterfly features a slightly smaller 8 kg basket capacity.

Durability and Travel Compatibility

The Butterfly is built for durability and travel. It’s tested on drives up to 4,000 km and can carry up to 30 kg, making it a long-lasting investment for families.

Additionally, its IATA compatibility means it meets the requirements for carry-on luggage by the International Air Transport Association, making it a great choice for families who travel frequently.

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Making Your Selection

The differences between the Dragonfly and Butterfly can significantly impact your daily life.

If you’re often on the go in a busy city, the Dragonfly’s storage options could make your life easier.

However, if you travel frequently or plan to use the pram for several years or children, the Butterfly’s durability and compact fold could be more beneficial.

The difference in weight and size between the two prams could also be a deciding factor. If you frequently need to carry or transport the pram, the lighter weight of the Butterfly might be more convenient.

However, the Dragonfly’s larger size and higher seat and bassinet height may provide a more comfortable experience for your child.

Ultimately, the choice between the Dragonfly and Butterfly will depend on your specific needs and lifestyle. Consider factors such as your living environment, travel habits, and storage needs when making your decision.

Remember, the best pram for your family is the one that makes your life easier and keeps your little one comfortable and safe.