Redsbaby AERON vs Bugaboo Bee 6: Which to Choose?

Choosing the right pram can be overwhelming, as it significantly impacts your daily routine and comfort.

The Redsbaby AERON and Bugaboo Bee 6 are popular choices, each offering unique features. This article provides a clear comparison, focusing on what matters most to you and your family.

Whether it’s ease of use, storage capacity, or versatility for growing families, we’ll help you navigate these options for an informed decision. Let’s find the perfect pram to enhance your family adventures.

Quick Answer: Both cater to children from birth to 4 years only with optional bassinet, newborn pod or cocoon. The AERON has a lighter and more compact design while the Bugaboo Bee 6 can accommodate a second child with a wheeled toddler board.

Before diving into the details, we recommend you compare the Bugaboo Bee with other models using the Bugaboo comparison table.

Suitability and Age Range

Redsbaby AERON

  • Newborns: Suitable with an optional bassinet or newborn pod.
  • Age Range: From birth to 4 years.
  • Twins and Different Ages: Not suitable for newborn twins or two children of different ages.

Bugaboo Bee 6

  • Newborns: Requires an optional bassinet or baby cocoon.
  • Age Range: Suitable from 0 to 4 years.
  • Twins and Different Ages: Not for twins, but can accommodate two children of different ages with the Bugaboo wheeled board.

Key Features

Seat Configuration and Folding

Both prams have reversible seats and offer a one-handed folding mechanism. This feature is helpful for ease of use, particularly when handling the pram with a child in tow.

Harness and Canopy

Both models come with a 5-point harness system, ensuring child safety. The Bugaboo Bee 6 offers a unique extendable sun canopy with a peekaboo window, providing extra ventilation and visibility.

Additional Features

Both prams are self-standing when folded and have adjustable handlebars. The AERON’s handlebar adjusts from 91 to 105 cm, while the Bee 6’s ranges from 91.5 to 109 cm.

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Capacity and Storage

Seat Capacity

Both prams can carry a child up to 22 kg, making them suitable for long-term use as your child grows.

Storage Space

The AERON offers a more spacious underseat basket with an 8 kg capacity, compared to the Bee 6’s 4 kg. This difference is significant for parents who need extra space for groceries or baby essentials.

Size and Weight

Redsbaby AERON

  • Folded Dimensions: More compact at 60 cm in height, 48 cm in width, and 26 cm in length.
  • Weight: Lighter at 9.2 kg, making it easier to carry and store.

Bugaboo Bee 6

  • Folded Dimensions: Larger, with a height of 90 cm, a width of 53 cm, and a length of 47.5 cm.
  • Weight: Slightly heavier at 9.4 kg.

The AERON’s compact size and lighter weight make it a better choice for parents who travel frequently or use public transport.

Wheels and Suspension

Both models are equipped with 4-wheel suspension for a smooth ride.

Capsule Compatibility

The AERON is recommended with the Britax B-Pod Lite, while the Bee 6 is compatible with various capsules, including the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna, and Maxi Cosi and Chicco with adapters. This flexibility can be a deciding factor for parents who already own or prefer specific car seat brands.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Redsbaby AERON

  • Warranty: 3 years.

Bugaboo Bee 6

  • Warranty: 4 years upon product registration.

The longer warranty period for the Bee 6 offers additional peace of mind.


The Redsbaby AERON and Bugaboo Bee 6 both cater to children from birth to 4 years. The AERON’s lighter weight and compact design are ideal for parents valuing portability and limited storage space.

The Bugaboo Bee 6’s ability to accommodate a second child with the wheeled board and its longer warranty period make it a more versatile option for growing families.

In choosing between these two, consider what matters most: portability and compactness with the AERON or versatility and longer warranty with the Bee 6. Both prams promise to be reliable companions for your family’s journey.