Redsbaby AERON First Look and Review

Introducing the Redsbaby AERON, the newest addition to the Redsbaby range. This pram is tailored for modern urban living and stands out as a lightweight and compact option, ideal for navigating bustling city environments. We’re excited to share our initial thoughts with you.

First Impressions

The Redsbaby AERON presents a stylish, space-efficient solution for families living in compact urban spaces. It balances the challenges of city living with the needs of a growing family, offering a pram that’s not only practical but also adaptable as your baby grows.

Its quick fold, lightweight design, and breathable panels for hot days make it a standout choice for those seeking convenience and comfort in a modern, urban setting.

Stand-out features:

  • Height-adjustable canopy provides added headroom as your child grows
  • Super easy fold in both parent and world-facing modes
  • Suitable for newborns with Newborn Pod or Bassinet
One second, one-handed fold

Key Benefits

Design for Urban Living

  • Compact & Agile: The AERON, weighing just 9.2 kg, is designed to smoothly navigate through busy streets and fit into small spaces like cafes and public transport​​.
  • Fast Folding: It boasts the fastest fold in the Redsbaby range, folding in just one second with one hand, and stands upright when folded for easy storage​​.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Breathable Panels: The AERON features breathable panels on the seat back, canopy, and optional bassinet, ideal for warmer days and ensuring comfort for the baby​​.
  • Spacious Storage: It offers a large storage basket with up to 8 kg capacity, complemented by four-wheel suspension for a comfortable ride​​.

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Redsbaby AERON and Newborn pod
  • Newborn Ready: The flat-lay seat makes it suitable for newborns with the addition of the optional Newborn Pod or Bassinet​​.
  • Grows with Baby: The pram is capsule compatible, allowing a seamless transition from car to out-and-about​​. It’s recommended to be used with the Britax B-Pod or B-Pod Lite.

Comparison with Similar Prams

In comparing the Redsbaby AERON with other similar prams, the AERON stands out for its lightweight and compact design, making it highly suitable for urban living.

While it offers great maneuverability and ease of storage, it differs in terms of storage capacity and child accommodation features from its competitors.

The AERON’s affordability and practicality make it a strong choice for parents prioritising portability and simplicity in a bustling city environment.

Comparison with Redsbaby Metro 5

  • Size and Weight: The Redsbaby AERON is more compact and lighter than Metro 5, beneficial for parents who travel frequently or use public transport​​.
  • Storage Capacity: Metro 5 provides more storage space (10 kg) compared to AERON (8 kg), which may be crucial for parents needing extra space​​.
  • Child Accommodation: The Metro 5 offers a more complete package with its included bassinet and BuggyBoard compatibility, suitable for families with an older child as well​​.

FULL COMPARISON: Redsbaby Aeron vs Redsbaby Metro 5

Comparison with Bugaboo Bee 6:

  • Newborn Suitability: Both AERON and Bugaboo Bee 6 cater to newborns with additional accessories.
  • Seat Configuration: Both feature reversible seats and one-handed folding.
  • Storage: AERON has an 8 kg underseat basket, less than Bee 6’s 10 kg capacity.
  • Weight and Size: AERON is lighter and more compact, favouring portability.
  • Warranty: AERON offers a 3-year warranty compared to Bee 6’s extended 4-year warranty upon registration​.

FULL COMPARISON: Redsbaby AERON vs Bugaboo Bee 6

Comparison with Bugaboo Dragonfly:

  • Design: Both the AERON and Bugaboo Dragonfly are designed for urban lifestyles, offering similar features like one-handed fold and compatibility with newborn accessories.
  • Storage: Bugaboo Dragonfly has more storage capacity than AERON.
  • Weight: Bugaboo Dragonfly is slightly lighter but larger when folded.
  • Handlebar Height: AERON offers a wider range of handlebar heights.
  • Affordability: AERON is more affordable compared to Dragonfly​​.

FULL COMPARISON: Redsbaby AERON vs Bugaboo Dragonfly