Spectra Dual Compact vs. Youha The ONE Double Express Pump

In the realm of breastfeeding, finding the right breast pump is as important as selecting a suitable nursing bra or finding a comfortable nursing chair. Breast pumps help facilitate a seamless breastfeeding journey, providing flexibility and convenience for new mothers.

Today, we are pitting two highly acclaimed pumps against each other: The Spectra Dual Compact and Youha’s The ONE Double Express Pump.

Both these pumps have attracted praise for their excellent features, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s explore.

Spectra Dual Compact vs. Youha The ONE: Key Similarities

Power Source and Battery

Both the Spectra Dual Compact and The ONE Double Express Pump have rechargeable batteries, allowing for flexible and portable usage.

This feature makes them suitable for mothers who need to pump on-the-go. They also both offer mains power options for home use.

Double Kit Included

The Spectra and Youha pumps come with a double kit included, enabling simultaneous double pumping. This is a time-saving feature for busy mothers.

Quiet Operation

Both models have quiet operation modes, making them discreet for use in shared spaces and ensuring minimal disturbance to a sleeping baby.

Adjustable Programs

Both breast pumps offer adjustable program settings, giving mothers the ability to customize the pumps’ operation to suit their comfort levels and milk production needs.

Display Features

Both the Spectra and Youha pumps feature an LCD display, aiding in easy operation and program adjustment.

Editor’s note: The Spectra Dual Compact comes with a size 24mm breast shield only. We recommend you order replacement shields in your correct size when you purchase your pump.

Spectra Dual Compact vs. Youha The ONE: Key Differences

Vacuum Strength

In terms of vacuum strength, the Spectra Dual Compact has a strength of 270 mmHg per side, while The ONE Double Express Pump from Youha ranges from 45-360 mmHg.

A higher vacuum strength could mean more efficient pumping, but the best level depends on each mother’s comfort and needs.


When considering the portability factor, the Youha pump wins, weighing in at just 0.264kg, while the Spectra pump weighs 0.67kg. The lower weight of the Youha pump could be a deciding factor for mothers who frequently pump on the move.

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Double Motor

The Spectra Dual Compact has double motors with independent settings, which isn’t a feature of the Youha Breast Pump. This could provide added flexibility, allowing mothers to set different suction levels for each breast if necessary.

Warranty and Certifications

The Spectra Dual Compact offers a 2-year warranty, while The ONE Double Express Pump from Youha only offers a 1-year warranty.

Moreover, the Spectra pump comes with CE, FDA, ISO13485, and ISO9001 certifications, providing a higher level of assurance for the product’s safety and quality standards.

Additional Features

Spectra’s Dual Compact pump boasts of a timer, double motors, and independent settings. In contrast, Youha’s pump features a backlit touchscreen with a timer and compatibility with a pumping bra.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Breast Pump

When choosing a breast pump, consider your lifestyle and the frequency of usage. Here are a few key factors:

  1. Types of breast pumps: Consider the different types available, including hospital-grade pumps, double electric or battery-powered pumps, wearable or hands-free breast pumps, and manual breast pumps.
  2. Suction power: Choose a pump that offers a suitable suction power for your comfort and needs. For regular and exclusive pumping, a power level of about 250 to 300 mmHg is generally recommended.
  3. Fit and comfort: Ensure the breast pump’s flanges or breast shields fit well over your areola without causing pain or discomfort.
  4. Noise level: Some pumps may be quieter than others, so consider this if you need to pump in shared spaces or don’t want to disturb a sleeping baby.
  5. Maintenance and hygiene: Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are crucial to ensure the safety of both you and your baby.

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Both the Spectra Dual Compact and the Youha The ONE Double Express Pump offer fantastic features and specifications to suit a range of needs. Each comes with its unique benefits and distinct qualities that might make it the more suitable choice for certain mothers.

At the time of writing, the Spectra Dual Compact retails for AUD 299.00, while The ONE Double Express Pump is priced slightly higher at AUD 329.00.

The Spectra pump shines with its double motor feature and longer warranty period, while the Youha pump excels in terms of its lighter weight and higher vacuum strength range.

However, the best breast pump for you is the one that fits your personal circumstances, lifestyle, and comfort. Therefore, consider the above factors, the product features, your budget, and your individual preferences when making your decision.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a lactation consultant or a healthcare provider to help you make an informed choice.