Spectra S1+ vs Spectra Dual S: Which to Choose?

Breastfeeding is an intimate and nourishing journey shared between a mother and her newborn. To aid this essential journey, a quality breast pump can be a game-changer, particularly for mothers who may need to return to work or be away from their babies occasionally.

Today, we bring you a detailed comparison of two top-tier hospital-grade breast pumps – the Spectra S1+ and the Spectra Dual S.

Designed to provide new Australian mothers with the utmost support and flexibility in their breastfeeding journey, these two models come packed with features and functionality.

Spectra S1+ vs Dual S: Key Similarities

The Spectra S1+ and the Spectra Dual S, both produced by Spectra, offer some common features that set them apart in the breast pump market.

Hospital Grade: Both pumps are categorised as hospital-grade, offering powerful performance that is essential for mothers planning to pump exclusively.

Weight: Both models weigh in at 2 kg, providing sturdiness without being overly cumbersome.

Motor Life and Warranty: Each pump boasts a long motor life of 1,500 hours and is backed by a 2-year warranty, reflecting Spectra’s commitment to durability and quality.

Additional Features: The S1+ and Dual S have built-in timers and nightlights, hygienic closed systems, and adjustable programs, offering a range of conveniences for busy mothers.

Certification: Both pumps are CE, FDA, ISO13485, and ISO9001 certified, ensuring international quality standards and safety.

Editor’s note: Both these pumps come with a size 24mm breast shield only. We recommend you order replacement shields in your correct size when you purchase your pump.

Spectra S1+ vs Dual S: Key Differences

While sharing some features, these two models do present key differences that could influence your buying decision.

Price: At the time of writing, the Spectra S1+ is priced at AUD 379.00, while the Dual S is slightly more expensive at AUD 439.00.

Vacuum Strength: The S1+ comes with a higher vacuum strength of 320 mmHg, compared to the Dual S’s 270 mmHg per side.

Power Source: The S1+ offers both mains power and a rechargeable battery, enhancing its portability. In contrast, the Dual S can only be powered by mains supply.

Double Motor: The Spectra S1+ does not have a double motor, whereas the Spectra Dual S does. This feature allows for independent settings for each side, providing a higher degree of customization and control for the user.

Display: The Dual S comes with a modern LCD display, which the S1+ lacks.

Additional Features: The S1+ is designed for portability with its rechargeable battery. The Dual S, on the other hand, offers more cycle and vacuum options for a more personalised pumping experience.

What to Look for When Choosing

When choosing between the Spectra S1+ and Dual S, several key factors should be kept in mind:

Lifestyle and Usage: Consider your lifestyle and how often you intend to pump. If you frequently travel or need to pump away from home, the portability of the S1+ with its rechargeable battery could be an advantage. However, if you’re looking for a pump with more adjustable options and don’t mind being near a power outlet, the Dual S would be a strong contender.

Budget: If budget is a concern, the S1+ is slightly cheaper than the Dual S, but remember that the price difference also reflects their differing features.

Comfort and Convenience: Look for pumps that offer adjustable suction and speed settings to mimic your baby’s natural feeding pattern. Both pumps come with a ‘Letdown Mode’ which emulates this initial fast suckling, but the Dual S offers more customisation.

Hygiene: Both pumps use a closed system, ensuring milk doesn’t come into contact with the tubing or motor, preventing contamination.


Choosing the right breast pump comes down to understanding your unique requirements, lifestyle, and personal comfort. The Spectra S1+ and Dual S, both high-quality, hospital-grade pumps, each offer their own unique set of benefits.

The S1+ is an excellent choice for mothers requiring a blend of powerful performance and portability due to its rechargeable battery. The added flexibility of being able to pump anywhere, without worrying about a power outlet, can significantly impact the breastfeeding journey’s ease and convenience.

On the other hand, the Spectra Dual S caters to those looking for more customisation options with its independent double motors and wider cycle speed range. This model offers a higher degree of personalisation, albeit without the flexibility of a rechargeable battery.

In the end, both models come from a reputable brand, Spectra, known for its high-quality, durable, and user-friendly breast pumps. Making a choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and lifestyle circumstances.

Always remember, the ultimate aim is to support your breastfeeding journey and make it as comfortable and efficient as possible.