Spectra S1+ vs Spectra S2+ Breast Pumps: A Detailed Comparison

Breast pumps are a vital tool for many new mothers, offering the flexibility to maintain breastfeeding relationships with their infants while balancing personal time and work commitments.

This article will provide a detailed review, comparing two hospital-grade breast pumps – the Spectra S1+ and Spectra S2+ – to help new mothers make an informed choice.

Editors note: While both the S1+ and S2+ are high-quality pumps, before reading this comparison, we recommend you check out Spectra’s new Dual S breast pump, which is their latest hospital-grade pump and features a number of benefits over the S1+ and S2+.

Understanding Breast Pumps

Before we delve into the specific features of each model, it’s essential to understand the different types of breast pumps and the key features to consider when purchasing one.

Breast pumps come in a variety of types, including hospital-grade pumps, double or single, electric or battery-powered, wearable or hands-free, and manual breast pumps.

Crucial factors to consider include the power or suction strength, suckling modes, fit, comfort, and noise level..

Spectra S1+ and Spectra S2+: Key Similarities

The Spectra S1+ and Spectra S2+ share several similarities, as they are both hospital-grade pumps.

Hospital-grade pumps are the strongest type of breast pump, designed for mothers who intend to pump exclusively or who may need additional stimulation to establish their milk supply.

Performance and Efficiency

Both Spectra models weigh 2 kg, have a maximum vacuum strength of 320 mmHg, and a cycle speed that ranges between 38-54 RPM or CPM.

This high vacuum strength and adjustable speed make both models efficient and effective for regular and exclusive pumping.

They both have an estimated motor life of 1,500 hours, ensuring a significant lifespan for regular use.

User-Friendly Design and Features

The Spectra S1+ and S2+ models are designed with user convenience in mind. Both models include a double kit, and they operate quietly, allowing mothers to pump discreetly.

They also come with a letdown mode and adjustable programs that mimic a baby’s natural feeding pattern, providing more comfort and efficiency.

A night light and timer add to their user-friendly features, making night-time pumping easier.

Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene are paramount when choosing a breast pump. Both Spectra models feature a hygienic closed system, which prevents milk from flowing back into the pump mechanism and reducing the risk of contamination.

They both hold CE, FDA, ISO13485, and ISO9001 certifications, assuring users of their safety, performance, and quality.

Warranty and Support

Customer support is another essential aspect to consider when purchasing a breast pump. Both Spectra models come with a 2-year warranty, providing users with assurance and support should they encounter any issues with their pumps.

Editor’s note: Both these pumps come with a size 24mm breast shield only. We recommend you order replacement shields in your correct size when you purchase your pump.

Spectra S1+ and Spectra S2+: Key Differences

While these models share numerous similarities, a few crucial differences can influence a mother’s choice.

Power Source and Portability

The power source is a key differentiating factor between these two models. The Spectra S1+ can be powered by mains electricity and has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

This feature enhances its portability, making it a convenient choice for mothers who may need to express milk away from home or during power outages.

On the other hand, the Spectra S2+ operates solely on mains power, restricting its portability.

Price and Affordability

Price may also be a significant factor for many new mothers. At the time of writing, the Spectra S1+, with its added feature of a rechargeable battery, is priced at $379 AUD.

On the contrary, the Spectra S2+, despite lacking a rechargeable battery, offers an affordable hospital-grade pump at a lower price point of $299 AUD. It can be an excellent choice for mothers who plan to use the pump predominantly at home and are looking to save on costs.

Making your Decision: Spectra S1+ or S2+

In choosing between the Spectra S1+ and the Spectra S2+, consider your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Both pumps are hospital-grade, efficient, and user-friendly. They are safe, hygienic, and come with the same warranty period, assuring quality and support.

If Portability is a Priority

If you need to pump regularly away from home or appreciate the flexibility to move around while pumping, the Spectra S1+ may be the better choice. Its inbuilt rechargeable battery offers the freedom to pump without needing to be tethered to a power outlet.

If Budget is a Consideration

If the budget is a significant consideration and you’re primarily pumping at home, the Spectra S2+ is a more affordable, yet still highly efficient option.

Although it lacks the rechargeable battery, it matches the Spectra S1+ in performance, providing an affordable hospital-grade pump.


Choosing a breast pump is a highly personal decision, dependent on individual lifestyle needs and preferences. Both the Spectra S1+ and the S2+ are excellent choices, offering high-quality, hospital-grade performance.

By understanding the key similarities and differences, you can make a decision that best supports your breastfeeding journey.

Remember, no matter which pump you choose, your comfort and convenience should be the top priority. Happy pumping!