VTech BM7750HD vs VTech RM7756HD: Baby Monitor Comparison

Are you struggling to choose between the VTech BM7750HD and RM7756HD baby monitors?

Read on to discover their key differences and shared features, and ultimately decide which one is the best fit for your family.

Key Differences: What Sets Them Apart?

  • Camera Resolution: The RM7756HD utilises a 2K CMOS sensor to offer a higher camera resolution of 1080p HD compared to the 720p HD resolution of the BM7750HD. This means that the RM7756HD provides clearer and more detailed video quality, which could be important for parents who want to closely monitor their baby’s movements and environment.
  • Parent Unit Resolution: The BM7750HD has a full colour HD parent unit resolution, while the RM7756HD has a full colour 720p HD resolution. Although both provide clear images, the BM7756HD offers slightly better image quality on the parent unit.
  • Motorised Pan & Tilt: The VTech BM7750HD features motorised pan and tilt, allowing you to adjust the camera’s viewing angle remotely. This feature is not available in the RM7756HD model.
  • Night Light: The VTech BM7750HD has a night light feature built into the camera, providing a soft glow in the baby’s room. This feature is not present in the RM7756HD model.
  • Zoom: The RM7756HD offers zoom functionality, allowing parents to get a closer view of their baby. The BM7750HD, on the other hand, does not have zoom capabilities.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: While both models have a wide field of view, the RM7756HD comes with a wide-angle lens, giving it a slightly wider viewing angle than the BM7750HD. This can be beneficial for parents who want to monitor a larger area of the room.
  • Battery Life: The BM7750HD has a longer battery life of 15 hours compared to the 12 hours offered by the RM7756HD. This may be important for parents who prefer a baby monitor that lasts longer between charges.
  • Soothing Sounds & Lullabies: The RM7756HD has 10 soothing sounds and lullabies, while the BM7750HD has 9. This slight difference may be important to parents who want more variety in the sounds that help soothe their baby.
  • App Compatibility: The RM7756HD is compatible with the MyVTech Baby Pro app, allowing remote viewing and recording. The BM7750HD does not have this feature. For parents who want to monitor their baby remotely or capture precious moments, the RM7756HD may be the better choice.

Shared Features

Both the BM7750HD and RM7756HD share several key features:

  • 7″ screen size
  • Auto night vision
  • Temperature sensor
  • Two-way talk
  • Auto wake-up mode
  • Motion & sound alerts
  • Single camera split view and patrol
  • Wall-mountable camera

Making the Right Choice for Your Family

To choose the best baby monitor for your family, consider which features matter most to you.

If you prioritize pan and tilt functionality, zoom, higher camera resolution, and app compatibility, the RM7756HD may be your best option.

If a longer battery life is more important, the BM7750HD might be the better choice.

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Final Thoughts

Both the VTech BM7750HD and RM7756HD are excellent baby monitors with a range of features to suit different needs.

By considering the key differences and shared features outlined in this article, you can make an informed decision that best suits your family’s requirements.


Can I add additional cameras to these baby monitors?

Yes, both the BM7750HD and RM7756HD support the addition of multiple cameras, allowing you to monitor multiple rooms or angles simultaneously.

Are the cameras wall-mountable?

Yes, both the BM7750HD and RM7756HD cameras can be wall-mounted, offering flexibility in positioning the camera for optimal monitoring of your baby’s room.

Can I use the MyVTech Baby Pro app with the BM7750HD?

No, the MyVTech Baby Pro app is only compatible with the RM7756HD model.